Atelier Mila Kuzmenko

Jewelery design



mila-kuzmenko_03For me, creating is playing and experimenting with materials, look to the shapes, textures and colors talk to each other. The inspiration comes from a form, a field, a gem, and is what leads me to one style or the other. The ideas come from nature in its infinite diversity.

The poetry of everyday life, dreams and feelings are an inexhaustible source to creation, and that’s when I lose all sense of time.

I have become a jeweler at the JORGC school in Barcelona (Official College of Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watches and Gemmologists in Catalonia) studying for 4 years (2007-2011).

Collegiate number 03418

Co-Award winner the public Goldsmiths FAD “Enjoia’t 2007 “Barcelona, for students with the workpiece “Tree of Life” created in silver thread.